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How to track a phone number in New Zealand

Tracking a phone number in New Zealand is easy in spite of more than 20 service providers offering both landline and mobile telecommunication services.

New Zealand’s service providers include both sectoral giants such as Vodafone and other minor local companies such as TelstraClear, Spark, Lightbox, Waikata and Kordia. If you want to know how to track a phone number from New Zealand, it is possible to contact service providers and ask them if the given phone number can be tracked back to their systems.

There are also over 30 broadcasting network operators but they do not offer land or mobile phone numbers, so you do not need to worry about tracking them.

To find out and track phone number location in New Zealand, submit the phone number you want to track in the following form.

phone dialing pad New Zealand
Example phone dialings for New Zealand
Fixed Line03 234 5678+64 3 234 5678
Mobile021 123 4567+64 21 123 4567
Fixed Line Or Mobile03 234 5678+64 3 234 5678
Toll Free0800 123 456+64 800 123 456
Premium Rate0900 123 456+64 900 123 456
Personal Number070 123 4567+64 70 123 4567

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