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How to dial Canada

Canada phone numbers are based on the fixed-length Bell System format, Which is the country code +1, followed by a three-digit area code and a three-digit exchange code.

Canadian local phone numbers should be dialled without the trunk prefix '1', which is for domestic long distance calls.

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Example phone dialings for Canada
Fixed Line(506) 234-5678+1 506-234-5678
Mobile(506) 234-5678+1 506-234-5678
Fixed Line Or Mobile(506) 234-5678+1 506-234-5678
Toll Free(800) 212-3456+1 800-212-3456
Premium Rate(900) 212-3456+1 900-212-3456
Voip(600) 201-2345+1 600-201-2345
Personal Number(500) 234-5678+1 500-234-5678