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How to Dial and Lookup Phone Numbers in Botswana

In Botswana, the process of tracking a phone number is notably more streamlined than in many other countries, thanks to the presence of only three primary public telecommunication operators. These operators not only provide extensive local and international phone number services but also encompass a range of mobile services, making them integral to Botswana's communication infrastructure.

Among these, Botswana Telecommunications Limited (BTCL) stands out as one of the most widely used operators. Due to its prominence in the market, it is relatively straightforward to track phone numbers associated with BTCL. Mascom Wireless Botswana (Mascom), another major player, presents a slightly more complex scenario for tracking due to its diverse area codes. This variety, while beneficial for users seeking specific regional services, adds a layer of intricacy to the tracking process.

Orange Limited, as the third major operator, caters to a smaller user base in Botswana. This results in a more limited range of phone number options, which in some ways simplifies the tracking process for numbers under its service. Additionally, Botswana's telecommunications scene includes a significant entity, Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet). Although BoFiNet has only recently begun offering phone numbers to the public, its growing influence in the market is noteworthy. Tracking phone numbers associated with BoFiNet, however, can pose a challenge due to its relative novelty in the sector. Alongside these major operators, several smaller service providers contribute to Botswana's diverse telecommunications landscape.

To track a phone number or determine the phone number location in Botswana, whether it be from a major operator like BTCL, Mascom, or Orange, or from smaller service providers, the process is made accessible and user-friendly with the form provided below. Our tool is adept at navigating through Botswana's telecom network, ensuring that you can find the necessary information about any phone number with ease and efficiency.

phone dialing pad Botswana
Example phone dialings for Botswana
Fixed Line240 1234+267 240 1234
Mobile71 123 456+267 71 123 456
Fixed Line Or Mobile240 1234+267 240 1234
Toll Free0800 012 345+267 0800 012 345
Premium Rate90 12345+267 90 12345
Voip79 101 234+267 79 101 234

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