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How to Dial and Lookup Phone Numbers in Botswana

Tracking a phone number in Botswana is easier than most other countries as it has only three major public telecommunication operators. These operators in Botswana offer both local and international phone number services along with mobile services. Botswana Telecommunications Limited (BTCL) is among the most frequently used operator in Botswana and it is fairly easy to track phone number that belong to this particular operator. Mascom Wireless Botswana (Mascom) on the other hand offers various area codes which make tracking phone number a little bit harder.

The third major operator in Botswana, Orange Limited, is used by fewer people hence they offer a narrower selection of phone number varieties. Botswana has another market dominator called the Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet). BoFiNet only recently started offering phone numbers for public use hence tracking a phone number that belongs to this service provider can be a challenge. There are several other minor service providers in Botswana.

You can track phone number and phone number location of both major and minor service providers in Botswana using the form below.

phone dialing pad Botswana
Example phone dialings for Botswana
Fixed Line240 1234+267 240 1234
Mobile71 123 456+267 71 123 456
Fixed Line Or Mobile240 1234+267 240 1234
Toll Free0800 012 345+267 0800 012 345
Premium Rate90 12345+267 90 12345
Voip79 101 234+267 79 101 234

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